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(Advertising and Computer Science entrepreneur)

Born on 12/15/1953 in Messina, he grew up in Milan since 1956. Born into a Sicilian noble family, whose heraldic references are more linear: her father's mother, Sudhiir Rod (grandson of Giovanni Verga) father of literary realism and one of the greatest writers in Sicily/Italy of all time. And some documents found in 7 years of research in the tree family Zullo, Sicilian branch, leading to the origin of the same in the island of Rhodes in Greece at the time of the "Knights of Rhodes".

Curricilum Vitae

Studies at the Umanitaria in the "Scuola del Libro" of Albe Stainer since 1968 to 1974 where he obtains degrees of Graphic assistant, Cartographer, Serigrapher; at the same time he becomes Art Master and Graphics expert at the Institute of Art in Monza.

His professional career begins before he finished his studies at the school of Albe Steiner with an apprenticeship for improvement.

He starts working with advertising as an art director assistant, in the 1975, at the "Young & Rubicam", whose clients are: RANK XEROX (photocopiers), LANCIA GAMMA (cars), KNORR (bouillon cube).

In the 1976 he is recruited, as a junior art director, by the "Masius & D'Arcy Mac Manus Italia" company whose clients are: PALMOLIVE (soap), KITEKAT (food for cats, bill-posting campaign in the period 1976 / 84 and TV advertising campaign in 1976 / 77), FILA SPORTSWEAR, Pandoro BAULI (press campaign and "Carosello" TV advertising).

At the end of the 1977 he starts his job of art director consultant at the "Pubbli-Market", whose clients are: Porto COCKBURN'S Special Reserve, RIVALTA SCRIVIA, "Tirrenia" shipping company.

In the 1979 he goes, as an art director, to the "P&T" company where he takes care of the following clients: POLENGHI LOMBARDO (food), LA RINASCENTE Città Mercato (great distribution), SAN GIORGIO (washing machines), TOTIP (horses lottery), DATSUN (cars), BLACK & DECKER (hardware), BANCA COMMERCIALE ITALIANA.

In the 1980 he moves to the USA where he collaborates with the "Ogilvy & Mather" in San Francisco and then in New York. Its clients are: MACADAMIA NUTS (salted nuts), HERTZ (cars hire), CALIFORNIA FIRST BANK (Silver Lion at the Cannes festival in the 1982).

During the second half of the 1981 in Italy he starts working as a free-lance on FIAT Panda and Uno (cars), AMARO RAMAZZOTTI (alcoholic drinks), INNOCENTI 3 (cars), FRUIT OF THE LOOM (t-shirts), MATTEL Intellivision (video-games, first issue on the Italian market), SAN PELLEGRINO Nano Ghiacciato (aperitif), CEPPI RATTI (toys, short list at the Cannes festival in the 1982), ALEMAGNA (issue of the "Panettone" with champagne flavour in the 1983).

In the 1984 he works in Dusseldorf for the BBDO agency on the launching of various car models of AUDI; in Italy he works for SSC&B's clients: MERCEDES (cars, issue of the "200/300" series), FINDUS / IGLOO (frozen food, 1984/97 Sofficini campaign: this advertising message was broadcast in 10 European Countries for an express desire of the international board), Cuore Verde, all the minors products.

As a free-lance he follows the companies: DIM (stockings), ROSY (corsets), PERONI (beer), BONTEMPI (electric organs).

In the 1986, he opens Art Director's Studio that acquires the following budgets: ACQUASONIC, FISELDEM (household appliance), MOBILI EUROCASA national bill-posting in the period 1987 / 88 / 89, GRUPPO DUOMO ASSICURAZIONI, IMETEC (irons), SILTAL (household appliance) international campaign in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, co-ordinate picture for 12 countries, VORWERK FOLLETTO (strategy evolved from door-by-door selling to "service at home"), BOERINGER INGELHEIM (pharmaceutical products) Gegorvit launching, PATE' D'ETE' Corp. (teen-agers fashion), GIORGIO MONDADORI EDITORE: Bell'Italia, Airone Junior, Gardenia.

In the 1993, in co-operation with the clients PATE' D'ETE' Corp., HEINEKEN (beer; bill-posting / TV / press campaign in 15 central-American countries) he opens the Art Director's Factory Inc. in New York City, and then puts the Advertising Factory Inc. beside it.

The Advertising Factory Inc. was the first creativity company and agency that was born on the Internet (New York January 1993). 
This company, after the registration of its Internet address, put the word "advertising"
into the most powerful of the communication media that Man has ever invented.

Sites managed by the Advertising Factory Inc. 

Dove Andiamo A Cena Stasera? // Where Will You Dine? (December ©1993/2014)
The first restaurant guide in the world that was born on the Internet. : ) (© 1996/2014 projet 1993)
The quality mark of the real artisan pizza of the world 

Art Multimedia World Service (©1995/2014) 
A site dedicated to artists / gallery owners / critics,
afterwards become a real virtual gallery.

ADI-industrial design Association (2013/2014)
strategic repositioning in the market for obtaining the official recognition from
the Italian Government, as Association representative of the Italian design.

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