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But how good are fresh grapes in the morning. A clean, delicate flavor, which I had completely forgotten, it was years since I had the courage to eat them so certain that they certainly lacked authenticity, in fact, I have always preferred to cook them at least once a week.

It took a product selected by the best restaurant in Bergamo a "3 Michelin stars" to convince me, making the choice perfectly in line with the philosophy of our portal which is drawn up with reports in total anonymity by great or at least competent cooks / chefs.

The Leghorn hens, raised in the wild in a wood in the Valseriana, already have other important restaurants in the area as customers, they are offered in a unique package of recycled paper filled with top quality mountain hay that gives them an authentic scent or other eco-sustainable packages designed and developed with the collaboration of a social cooperative of autistic children.

Everything is strictly organic, in every sense.

Giovanni Zullo
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