Gourmet & Gourmand Tour, on purpose crossed studied for clients appasionati of kitchen and demanding travellers, devoted to the people that love to remember unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

Our society is present on line from 28 years, the information that we furnish they come from the most important and prepared inspectors of the present greatest guides of the sector in the world publishing panorama.

Not by chance we are the Official Guide to the Restaurants in internet, the first one been born all over the world and the only one to have been copied by all the existing portals in the web, has been us for first to show that it was possible to book a simple restaurant by internet, sees the gotten results we have thought about making our experience available qualified of the sector to those people that appreciate seriously the gastronomy of quality in their trips of job, cultural and because no of beloved, if they desire it, we are also available to study for them excursions cultural specifications that cross the different periods that represent our history.

The kitchen is applied culture and you/he/she has become in the time the eighth art, concrete expression of the cultures of the humanity.

Our runs him distrecheranno inside the restaurants both on the Italian territory that on those of the different countries quoted by the sections of our portals our contents will space from the restaurants with the maximum recognition, the 3 stars Michelin, to the simple restaurants, enoteche, wine cafe, pizzerie this because the gastronomic demands are an almost mystical experience for every human being, therefore, if he travels for an important reason for business or if you is decided to go to see an important work of art of Rafael Sanzio, Leonardo from you Win or some great contemporary artist or if he is wanted to assist to a concert in an important theater, each of these moments they need a suitable gastronomic accompaniment that contributes to the completion of the experience.

We are able to satisfy any type of demand enogastronomica he is looking for or he intends to experiment, we don't simply want to offer a simple based experience on the economic price, as they make a lot of tourist agencies that the trips organize for the groups or congresses, the food for us is a healthy necessary experience to the quality of the life.

To activate is enough us to send a mail with a description at least of base with the principal applications, we will elaborate her to us custom and we will make you some proposals.

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