(evaluation) Restaurants proposed by us

Before telling you how our adventure began, we are obliged to make a clarification: being quoted in our portals meets strictly qualitative selection criteria and therefore purely deserving. It is not enough simply to pay for our annual services: we are not a list of restaurants or the yellow pages of the sector accompanied by some photographs.

Now that even restaurateurs and chefs begin to understand the importance of the cyberworld (notwithstanding that their job is still to do well to eat), communication in the meantime has been developing, complicating and expanding. After 23 years we are still here, to explain why a restaurant is worth to be attended or not, through the study of the parameters of the best industry guides and the understanding of the various business management problems of these wonderful places of taste that there they teach their real value every day.

Symbology of www.acena.it


Entering a restaurant marks the beginning of an experience that we would like to be unique, mystical, multisensory. The smells, the colors, the flavors, the aromas, the sensations, the emotions: everything denotes and together connotes something. That's why we chose a symbol that encloses this, a symbol that indicates the mood of the customer who, leaving the restaurant, decides whether it is worth going back or not.

We will not use anything else, as it would be a useless competition with the best criticism in the industry.

And what is the method of inserting restaurants in the portals of acena.it? What are the criteria with which we choose a guide rather than another for a fair assessment?

1. By order of agreement date (Michelin, L'Espresso, Gambero Rosso, Italian Cooking Academy, Relais Chateaux, Slow Food);

2. If the restaurant is present on all the guides will be included a single report, choosing the opinion considered best.

Soon it will be possible to communicate your opinions and experiences, we are working on the development and publication of the appropriate system that we will be checked by an editorial staff, before being officially published because we, from professionals with a well-established reputation, we do not want to play furbescently with anonymity the real and only problem of the internet.

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