The selection of the products.

In our activity of daily paper relationship with the Restaurants selected by the more important gastronomic guides, have learned that who inhales to propose the quality of the kitchen in this sector cannot put aside from the choice of the subject before, in how much it is it the base of everything; unquestionably the greatest secret in the good or great kitchen.

Our idea is that to devote a specific area in our portals to the selection of the products that will absolutely be realized with the anonymous collaboration of the refreshing ones.

An exclusive and independent run.

In how much we have verified in a lot of occasions, as they are indeed of the extraordinary discoverers of new products and firms. Influenced or less from the great example of Aimo Moroni - Restaurant The place of Aimo and Nadia in Milan. One of the greatest inspiring stars in the firmament of the sector.

We are completing the necessary jobs to the activation of the section "Produced Selected by us" and of the services to it connected.

(Section in phase of activation, excuses the actual poor service).

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