The idea of the service of booking and his management.

Some that if we had realized for first, a guide in the restaurants in internet was indeed "a good idea", we subsequently asked us if and what services, compatible and effective we had been able to realize; with this new and powerful mean of communication. It was then the end of 1993 it was difficult to realize indeed what it would have happened of internet, and also in quite a lot senses.

The question quickly had a logical answer, pertinent, direct: " the service of booking."

The affirmation provoked the general enthusiasm, to reason we can say today, because besides perfectly respecting the nature of the mean she has also become integral part of the same history of internet of it.

Here are some examples of as daily we manage this service of which positively, the law on the right of author guarantees us the indisputable paternity over national of the idea, even if today all have copied so much us this service that to legally sustain our paternity has become so expensive that we would risk to get into debt us to the point not to be able to bring anymore before our job. It is better then surely to confirm the thing in the different occasions.

The intuition to realize the first guide to the restaurants of the world in internet is of November 1993 the public apparition of September 1994.

Example of international booking.

From: "Diana Ulivieri"
Subject: Reservation for Dinner
Date: Wednesday, February 02, 2005 7:41 PM

Dear Ristorante al porto; I am going to be in Milan on Feb.21st and my visit would not be complete without dining in your restaurant. Would it be possible to make a reservation for dinner on Feb.21st at 9:00 pm.? The reservation is for 2 people under the name Parenti. Will you be able to send me a confirmation? If so, that would be great. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Grazie!

From: Dove Andiamo A Cena Stasera?
To: "Diana Ulivieri"
Subject: Reservation for Dinner
Date: Wednesday, February 02, 2005 7:41 PM

Thanks for your preference. We need please, a telephone number where we can concact you or the hotel where you'll stay.
Then we can confirm your reservation.

We are waiting for you.

Best regards.

From: "Diana Ulivieri"
To: "Dove Andiamo A Cena Stasera?"
Subject: Re: Reservation for Dinner
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 18:33:06 +0100

Dear Ristorante al porto: In answer to your question, we will be staying at the Hilton on Via Galvani. We've been dreaming about your delicious preparations of the Branzino and the calamaretti and gamberetti, just to name a few of our favorite dishes - We love your restaurant and your staff! You're the best! Look forward to seeing you soon. Best Regards, Diana

Esempio di prenotazione.

Subject: Richiesta informazioni
Date: Fri, 11 Feb2005 15:39:49 +0100

Egregi Signori, avremmo bisogno di sapere per cortesia disponbilità e prezzi per una cena per 15 persone venerdì 18 Febbraio 2005. In attesa di un vs gentile riscontro, Vi saluto cordialmente.

Silvia Cubello
Sales and marketing Assistant
Sorin Biomedica Cardio srl

From: Dove Andiamo A Cena Stasera?
Subject: Re: Richiesta informazioni
Date: Fri, 11 Feb2005 18:10:35 +0100

Ringraziandola per la preferenza concessaci, confermiamo la nostra disponibilità per la cena richiesta,con l'occasione le chiediamo cortesemente un suo recapito telefonico per una migliore definizione dei dettagli.

Buona giornata.

Esempio richiesta di prenotazione.

From: "Sistemi Logistici"
Subject: Prenotazionetavolo.
Date: Mon, 7 Mar2005 22:11:01 +0100

Buonasera, vorrei prenotare un tavolo per otto persone per venerdì 18 p.v. ore 21. Pregherei confermare la disponibilità al numero 335/0000000. Grazie, Riccardo Prazzoli.

From: Dove Andiamo A Cena Stasera?
To: "Sistemi Logistici"
Subject: Re: Prenotazione tavolo.

Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2005 9:30:01 +0100

Ringraziandola per la preferenza concessaci, comunichiamo che non mancheremo di metterci in contatto telefonicamente con lei.

Buona giornata.

As the service of booking is managed:

Our collaborators check the and mails upcoming different times a day, once you select the applications they ask away telephone the availability to the restaurant, they answer to the client street and happens mail him confirmation or less, of the booking they require to definitive confirmation, if there was not a telephone number of reference or the name of the hotel of select risidence, without which it is not possible to hold valid the application of booking. Information are telephonely communicated to the restaurant.

On the occasion of particular events or groups of people, our collaborators use him so that the restaurant directly communicates with the client for the best definition of the details, if required, copy is sent fax of the confirmation.

Monthly the restaurants receive away ordinary mail a copy of their bookings.

PS: we would want to be able to guarantee the arrival of the client up to the entry of the restaurant but, sometimes captain incidents, impossibility or such carelessness that, they prevent us from being able to stipulate a contracted ensuring suitable to the situation. We don't hide that we would like in the future to find a proper company, for the time being, we can be sorry only and also very in the case of carelessness or misunderstandings.

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