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Editorial article Internet News november 1995


How do the things go today?

From Wednesday 04-Nov-1998 to the 16:18 to Monday 22 Jennuary 2018 alle 16:18 the consultants of the guide has been 250.669.930 (295.732) this represents a notable international success with an increase of over 30% in comparison to the preceding year. Perfectly in line, with the resumption our annual average of growth and increase of consultation, around 40%. A fact that further to decidedly be motivating, makes today the our one of the most considered and you consults guides to the restaurants in the world.

On the base of which elements we found certain affirmations?

As it is known to some the means of communication they are measurable therefore inevitably also manipulated, the thing has always depended on the correctness of the publisher therefore to the course of the same market. To such intention, they usually come established of the parameters founding di evaluation on searches of market, surveys on which "an average of use is esteemed".

Internet is a more measurable case of the others because it brings the gotten result, not the respect, this decidedly makes it a tool more believable and reliable of the other media.

Coherently with our choices of professional ethics we have preferred to use a program for the measurement of the accesses officially confirmed by the the Leading Consortium of internet; the program has been shaped with unity of measure 1 to 1, an example for great clarity: if a visitor " enters " the general counter he will increase of 1 even if even the consulted pages will be more, the information related to the navigation through the single sections of the portal are separately picked up, for so the total measurement to make more analytical and real, also in the single parts.

An example of survey statistics of access " December 31 st 2017 " as already brought, monthly these information are sent to the refreshing ones by mail / normal mail / fax.

Statistics of the Web Server for to
activated Program Monday 22 Jennuary 2018 alle 16:18.
from Mer 04-Nov-1998 to the 16:18

General Summary: Account months: Account weeks: Account days: Summary days of the week: Summary times of the day: Account dominates: Account organizations: Account host: Account codes of state: Account dimension of the files: Account types of file: Account directory: Account failures: Account applications)

This relationship lists the statistic general riepilogatives.

(The values in parenthesis refer a 7 days up to the 01-sea-2018 07:42).
Demand satisfied: 250.669.930 (295.732)
Daily average of in demand satisfied: 18.671 (42.247)
Lines in the log file without code of stato: 70.194.546 (0)
Applications of pages satisfied: 21.223.807 (23.557)
Daily average of applications of pages satisfied:3.597 (3.365
In demand failed:2.710.921 (2.213)
In demand redirected: 662.828 (1.335)
Separate file requested:12.214 (2.100)
separate Host served: 3.190.240 (10.815)
Total quantity of trade: 596,72 gigabyteses (1,12 gigabyteses)
Middle traffic daily: 103,56 megabyteses (163,92 megabyteses)

General course adjourned to November 3 th 2017 to demonstration of as the things they really go 22 Jennuary 2018 alle 16:18
Demand satisfied: 250.669.930 (295.732)
= +959.651 from Mond 03-Nov-2017

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