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Today 24 September 2022 is our birthday, 29 years of life online, in working on the contemporary version with the most advanced technologies of today, we can only properly underline the meaning and importance of the contents of our work, not of the technology itself that now represent the reality (our fortune) of several million human beings (passionate-gourmand) or simple human beings who have reached the awareness that good food is absolutely the very basis of their quality of life. The exponential daily growth of this human entity, both for the entire professional catering sector and outside (the customers) is a great emotional charge for us.

As absolute pioneers, of the most powerful means of communication, so far invented by man. We can say, we are truly honored to have anticipated that all of this would become one of the few, solid and clear lines of the entire economy of the planet, (for real though) not just in words.

Our project was born thanks to the intuition of a Milanese chef, Simone Rizzi, engaged in the cultivation of wine for several years, son of one of the greatest Italian advertising entrepreneurs in history "Michele Rizzi", passionate about cooking since childhood and influenced naturally from his father's business, he immediately understood the enormous potential of the Internet.

We were between November and December 1993, I had just returned from New York where I had opened, in the previous January, my advertising agency Art Director's Factory Inc. to which I joined another company Advertising Factory Inc., (a creative research experiment) because I had sensed that this medium would become the true contemporary and above all future revolution.

It was almost a year, in fact I was wondering, like many others certainly at the time, what was possible to do in this brand new universe and be able to be successful.

The answer, I assure you, was by no means easy to find.

I remember that when we put our portals on the Internet, it was September 24, 1994, (the day of the signing of the agreement with the guide Michel), the results in the search engines of the time with the word "restaurants or restaurants" were only 7 -9 links ", present in the search engines of the time.

Today, September 24, 2022, the same search made on Google with the word Restaurant or Restaurant: it no longer gives public results on the links contained in their search engine, (it will be necessary to use specific programs) probably their decision was stimulated by their economic needs and commercial, too bad, have stopped making public this information so important in the interest of all users in the world. The social role that the internet has always had, is thus unfortunately compromised, making its role more superficial, banal, making it more similar to many other means of communication in our times.

From our point of view we can continue to say that; after having verified such important results, we can confirm that: "we were right, we were good, not bad ... the road is the right one".

Our users today (September 24, 2022) are 1,250,469,192 (1,491,600) in brackets the last week of users who have consulted the portal is indicated, starting to count from Wednesday 4 November 1998.

The mark of 1,000,000,000 users was surpassed in 2019, not for a long time then.

It is right to remember the first 29,452,657 accesses we obtained in the first 3 months of online presence from 24 September 1994, we soon discovered that they were not correct "the computer" was not regulated as technically called clik-true ie 1 a 1, once corrected, the results were certainly not long in coming, thus allowing us to exceed 300,000,000 users in 1998.

We have become: for the publishing industry and for the public, the reference point of the new media - the Michelin guide - turns 122 in 2022 and has been unquestionably the international yardstick of this sector for many years.

Ours (seo score 29/12/2021) was 78%, let's see what 2022 will be like, certainly growing towards the leading-ship position that we have occupied for many years.

Ours is the "Official Guide to Quality Restaurants" in the Internet universe over time it will extend to all corners of the planet earth, with the necessary expertise to do so, but not using, however, as unfortunately many do, the world telephone directory of restaurants with photographs.

What we reproduce below is a simple, direct gesture, the links of the innumerable reflections or it would be better to say copies, of our work and we invite you to check for yourself the consistency of the more than authoritative statements made on this page.

Giovanni Zullo "creative and editor of this initiative."

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