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pagina-italiana is the publisher of the official guide to the restaurants in internet, the first one in absolute to appear on line. Its reliability is guaranteed from the quality of the "sources of invades", fed by the principal ones papery guides of the international ristorazione: Michelin, Express, Red Shrimp, Relay Chateaux, Slow Food, Academy Italian of the Kitchen, respecting the rights of international copyright of it., Todine, "Official Web Site" they represent the greatest bank today you date, ordinate on typologies of kitchen and it contains thousand of restaurants to which they add new, open or signalled by our experts. A site in continuous evolution, to the state-of-the-art one of the technology, focused on the service, turned both to the impassioned ones of kitchen and to the professionals of the restaurants world.

The kitchen, is essential part of the culture of the man and is expressed through a multiplicity of elements. Every restaurant has its roots and its history, therefore a variety of products that you/they change according to her own culture. For this, in perfect tuning with the tool internet, has chosen to divide the guide for typology of kitchen and for natural geographical location, with a simple graphics that absolutely makes us only.

The methods of analysis and selection for the insertion of the restaurants, do we Go To Dinner in " Where Are We Going For Dinner To Night? ", they keep in mind of the evaluation of the international gastronomic critics some opinions of the more prestigious gastronomic guides and different signalings of new restaurants that reach us from our shed collaborators in the world.

Our primary objective is the exploitation of the kitchen of quality, through the disbursement of correct information that they produce value for the utilizzatoris, as it for example happens for a long time with the service of booking on line - and todine boast the world first parentages., official publisher of the restaurats on internet, aims above all the kitchen of quality to internazionalise and to spread the culture of the great catering. He wants to be protagonist of the sector becoming " tutor " of this prestigious family, that he works every day to maintain tall the quality of his own products and to satisfy attended her some most demanding client.

A concrete possibility, accessible, " cost effective ", that allows to communicate her own image to the whole planet. The gust of the "new economy" she has emitted enthusiasms and hidden professionalism "inside and out " the kitchens of the restaurants of quality.

The authors of the project are:
Copyright 1993 / 2023 - Art Director's Factory Inc. New York - Milan
Project work - Simone Rizzi / Giovanni Zullo for Advertising Factory Inc. New York - Milan Collaborators: - copywriter: Vincenzo Pasquariello - international ediction Lorenz Cook - photo by We Shoot - Ezio Manciucca / Costantino Lanteri - agency photo - Laura Ronchi / Tony Stone - fotoretouching (Elisa) Color Zenith - Milan
Publisher and art director " Giovanni Zullo " (dedicated to my father Giuseppe)
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